Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966)
Sci-Fi / Kids & Family
1h 32m
In this puppet adventure, the crime fighters known as the International Rescue team, led by the heroic Jeff Tracy (Peter Dyneley) and his equally brave sons, are managing security during the launching of the first manned flight to Mars. Jeff and the boys foil some crooks who want to sabotage the mission, and the craft takes off successfully. But later, as the astronauts try to return to Earth, they encounter grave technical difficulties, and the Rescue team must fly into space to save them.
Director(s): David Lane
Poster for Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966)
Audience: 57%rottentomatoes rating
Critics: 57%rottentomatoes rating
Film certificate Suitable for audiences aged four years and over Rottentomatoes film page Thunderbirds Are Go! (1966) on IMDb

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