The Boxtrolls (2014)
Science Fiction & Fantasy / Kids & Family / Action & Adventure / Animation / Comedy
1h 36m
The people of a small town live in fear of underground trolls, who they do not realise are actually harmless. A boy raised by the creatures must convince the townsfolk there is nothing to fear when a team of pest exterminators is hired to wipe out the friendly monsters. Stop-motion animated fantasy, with the voices of Isaac Hempstead Wright, Elle Fanning and Ben Kingsley
Poster for The Boxtrolls (2014)
Audience: 63%rottentomatoes rating
Critics: 77%rottentomatoes rating
Film certificate Parental Guidance: suitable for general viewing, some scenes may be unsuitable for younger children Rottentomatoes film page The Boxtrolls (2014) on IMDb
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