User Testimonials

"I used to think there would be less use for your wonderful website after I signed up to Netflix - but to be honest - there are not many films on Netflix I found - and your site has helped me watch tonnes of good movies over the years."
-- Jonathan

"I have recently had to cancel broadband and a couple of streaming platforms due to the cost of living. I have gone back to a TV licence, where I discovered that I could attach an external hard drive to the TV and record Freeview, so I thought it would be fantastic to build up a catalogue of movies again. It was tedious switching through Freeview channels and flicking through the TV mag. So I scoured the internet for a movie filter, where I came across this fantastic site. I was in awe when i discovered I can see what films are on and when. I absolutely love the reminders that are sent to me when a film is up and coming."
-- Scott