Sophie's Choice (1982)

(Also known as 'Sophie's Choice')
2h 30m
Stingo (Peter MacNicol), a young writer, moves to Brooklyn in 1947 to begin work on his first novel. As he becomes friendly with Sophie (Meryl Streep) and her lover Nathan (Kevin Kline), he learns that Sophie is a Holocaust survivor. Flashbacks reveal her harrowing story, from pre-war prosperity to Auschwitz. In the present, Sophie and Nathan's relationship increasingly unravels as Stingo grows closer to Sophie and Nathan's fragile mental state becomes ever more apparent.
Director(s): Alan J. Pakula
Poster for Sophie's Choice (1982)
Audience: 85%rottentomatoes rating
Critics: 78%rottentomatoes rating
Film certificate Not suitable for children under 15 years of age Rottentomatoes film page Sophie's Choice (1982) on IMDb

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