Film certificate Suitable for audiences aged four years and over Top Hat (1935)

Musical & Performing Arts / Romance
1h 39m
"Top Hat" (1935) is an absolute delight, a classic musical comedy that showcases the unparalleled chemistry between Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The film is a brilliant blend of romance, comedy, and spectacular dance sequences. Astaire's performance as the charming and suave Jerry Travers is captivating, while Rogers, playing the role of Dale Tremont, is enchanting. The plot, revolving around mistaken identity, is engaging and filled with humor. The film's art deco sets are visually stunning and the Irving Berlin score, including the iconic "Cheek to Cheek," is unforgettable. The choreography is breathtaking and the performances are top-notch. Despite being made over 85 years ago, "Top Hat" remains a timeless classic that continues to entertain and enchant audiences of all ages. It is a testament to the golden age of Hollywood musicals. ©
Director(s): Mark Sandrich
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Audience: 90%rottentomatoes rating
Critics: 100%rottentomatoes rating
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